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December 4th, 2017    

Data Drop 65: Damn Dirty Casuals (Stay In Your Lane)

The "What Needs to be done to Fix Halo" themes have reared their head again. Greenskull with the help of some pro players talk what needs to be done to fix competitive Halo. Tsquared fires off a tweet bashing casual Halo fans. And Fletch from Ultimate Halo responds with why "fixing Halo" isn't so easy. We also introduce a brand new segment to the podcast, Halo Show and Tell! 

LISTEN: An Open Letter to 343 Industries - Ready Up Live

Tom "Tsquared" Taylor telling Casuals to "go fight the Covenant."

Why It's Not That Easy to "Fix" Halo - Ultimate Halo


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November 27th, 2017    

Data Drop 64: Holiday Hanover w/ Bonks!

Here to rescue us from a no Halo news week is our beloved Dreamhack Denver House Mom Rebecca "Bonks" Rothschild. We discuss the likes and differences between the real Marines and those portrayed in the Halo Games. We talk a little bit about Dreamhack and Bonk's geek out moment with some bald dude from 343. We take a look at games in general and the direction that Microtransactions are going and ask "is the day of the buy your game once over?" And technical gremilins make their appearance again as well!

Links to Bonks' articles on

*the last two articles were specifically referenced in the podcast*

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November 20th, 2017    

Data Drop 63: Balls and Microtransactions

We've got a shocking roster change in the HCS. An organization that looks to be going nowhere. An announcment that there will be an announcement later for Halo Worlds 2018. The Community Update including a look at why Oddball took the HCS playlist. And a discussion on MTX's and why they aren't necessarily the devil others want you to believe them to be.

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Links to articles discussed in today's show:

Tashi's Halo Worlds Announcement

Tanks Giving Community Update

Josh Menke's Multiplayer Update

Ask A Game Dev - Microtransactions


November 13th, 2017    

Data Drop 62: HCS/Team Arena Merge Thoughts

An unfortunately slow news week this week. So I figured I'd clairify some thoughts I had last week on the Xbox One X, including that I'm not recommending or discouraging you to buy it. A brush thru this past weeks community update. Some thoughts on the OddballWC Ranked Playlist. Microsofts Give Campaign and a Halo Legend represents us well! My thoughts on merging the Team Arena and HCS playlists (*hint, I'm not a fan).


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November 6th, 2017    

Data Drop 61: Oooooovertime Update

We got ourselves a whole heap of Halo goodness in last weeks Overtime update. From new skins, to return of old favorites, to LAN capabilities, we cover it all this week. We'll also take a look at nothing announced for World's 2018 and some of the roster mania moves that have already taken place. Including one org removing themselves from the Halo competitive scene entirely.



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October 30th, 2017    

Data Drop 60: Dremhack Denver Review

After the fastest 10 days in the history of the world, I'm able to get back behind the mic. No show prep, wasn't sure a show was going to be out, and yet I'm able to babble on for about an hour. This week I recount my Dreamhack Denver experience with the guys from Drunken Halo and Rebecca Rothschild from Sugar Gamers. Talk stream controversy, whats next, and even a short review of the Livestream and Community Updates. We'll be back on track for next week and hopefully a bit of a surprise for those of you who tune in Live on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube!


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Frank O'Connor Explains What Happened with MCC


October 16th, 2017    

Data Drop 59: Dreamhack Denver Preview

The online Legendary cup went a bit of another discombobulated show this week. Tho I did have a back up audio track running so I didn't have to do the podcast 3 times again :) . On this weeks show we'll look at 343 and MS recent outing to assist those in need while giving you guys that in game REQs you've been looking for. We talk the results of the last NA Online Qualification cup for Dreamhack Denver. Preview Denver and the teams to watch among the known commodities. And we take a look at the annoucement 343 made earlier this week with another Halo Worlds Championship in 2018 and review some of the speculation out there on who will be running it!

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MLG Article regarding THEY were the ones in charge of competitive Halo settings in Halo 2 and 3: Bungie Goes Hardcore


October 9th, 2017    

Data Pad 58: AtN Campaign Review

Last week we talked Multiplayer and Terminus Firefight. This week we tackle the Flood infested campaign that is Awakening the Nightmare **SPOILERS!** We also take a look at the past two weeks of HCS Legendary Cup Results including a return of a player from retirement....again. Also a little into the life of the past week of Tazz and how he still hasn't learned to record a backup.



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P5 Studios LAN Network Nov 3rd-5th


October 2nd, 2017    

Episode 57 AtN Review

A bit distracted this week, but managed to put together a good show! Review of the final week of HCS N/A action, a look at the Halo 3 Classic Throwback Playlist, and Awakening The Nightmare review of the 2 new leaders and the Terminus Firefight mode.


September 25th, 2017    

Episode 56 Back to the Future

There was nothing major this past week, except all the Halo 360 titles are now backward compatible! We'll also go over the return of HCS NA competition including a major series between two teams we didn't expect. Was the return of Halo 3 a success? What needs to be done to show that Halo needs to go back?

Halo Waypoint Official Weapon Tuning Feedback Forum

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