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March 26th, 2017    

Halo World Championships Sat Recap Special

Recorded Live from ESL Studios in Burbank California site of the 2017 Halo World Championships. I sit down with Sgt. Bobcat of the Delta Halo Podcast and Dust Storm from Podtacular to talk the first 2 days of competition. Please excuse my audio as I think I was sitting a little too close to Dusty's mic creating a bit of an echo on my part.




March 20th, 2017    

Episode 30: Worlds & War

Halo Wars 2 is scheduled for a massive update so we take a look at what's to come with DLC. Halo Worlds are right around the corner, and what would  week of competitive Halo be without controversy? Run riot on unwelcoming attitudes and more.
Devious Grunt Alliance 2017 World's Hype Video:

March 13th, 2017    

Episode 29: Proving Your Competitive!

The LCQ is done and over and all 12 teams are locked for Halo Worlds. The Proving Grounds Playlist has dropped and I talk the changes and why the community as a whole isn't ready for it. Run Riot on the entitlement attitude and more!


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March 6th, 2017    

Episode 28: Deletions From The Server!

This week it's all about deleting teams and people from the Halo server! We talk all the teams surviving deletion and moving on to Halo World Finals in a couple of weeks. We talk the deletion of aim assist, splash damage, and regular motion tracker. We also talk rumored deletion from 343 a high level person.


February 27th, 2017    

Episode 27: Halo Wars 2 Campaign *SPOILERS*

This week I'm very pleased to have special guests Ian (toa_freak) from Halo Canon on YouTube and Unikraken from Sins of The Prophets and the Halo Wars sub reddit. We're talking all things Halo Wars 2 campaign! Spoiler Alert if you haven't played or finished the game.

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Unikraken's Halo Wars Sub Reddit can be found Here Halo Wars Sub Reddit


February 20th, 2017    

Episode 26: A War’s A Brewin’

This week we are recording LIVE on Beam. Talking about the little knowledge I have of the HWC results from the weekend, my disappointing head to the Insane Focus Challenge, How to fix quitting, and early impressions of Halo Wars!

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February 13th, 2017    

Episode 25: Social Ain’t Social, 1v1 Me Over It!

We take a look at some playlist changes, new Halo Wars 2 trailers that may have brought in a new customer, my Insane Labz early test results, and the conundrum of 1v1.


February 6th, 2017    

Episode 24: Super Halo Bowl Wars 2 Edition

Now that "The Big Game" is done and over, time to get back into some Halo. Take a look at what we have in store this week. Online qualifier #2 results, Warzone changes and Warzone Warlords recap, HW2 info, and 2 new segments to the show.

Halo World Championship Official Rule Book


January 30th, 2017    

Episode 23: Halo Bowl Results Show

The Halo Bowl 2 was a huge success thanks to everyone who participated, watched, and especially DONATED! $4,000 raised and a go kart to be built all thanks to you! I also go through the Blitz based community update and run riot on people trying to put words in my mouth.


Thanks to:

ELG Nation

Halo United

Nacgrips ( enter code ELG for 10% off

Insane Labz ( enter code ELGN for 20% off

Jersey Legion ( enter code ELG for 15% off

Ewin chairs


January 23rd, 2017    

Episode 22: Halo World Championship Blitz

UGC St. Louis has just completed and we had a couple surprises and some not so surprises. Halo Wars Blitz Beta is open and waiting for all of us to get in and give it some feedback. Speaking of Feedback I go through the Halo Fractures book and give my thoughts on it as compared to Halo Evolutions.


Halo Bowl 2 Donation Page - Be sure to stop by the donation page to donate for Gamers Outreach. And be sure to stop by to check out the battle of the podcasts in the second running of The Halo Bowl on Jan 25th at 6:30pm EST.


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